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Aktywatory radzą sobie ze wszystkimi wersjami Windowsa 7. Obsługują 32/64 bity i język polski.


This activator, brought together a whole set of elements of the equipment used in the processes associated with activation of Windows 7:
Windows Software Licensing Management Tool - operations to activate and display information about its status.
Everest / SLIC Dump TooKit - physical verification SLIC in the BIOS.
Product Key Checker - display information about the key.
The rest of the majority of development is based on China\'s achievements, now adaptable for other Windows 7, but already well-known people who became to us:
OEM logo and accompanying information - Orbit30.
Loader SLIC WOW7 - Hazar.
Loader SLIC Bootmgr - stupid_user.
Loader SLIC Vistaloader 2.1.2 - used by almost everyone who is involved in the release of activators.
Choose for you the best of all varieties - the purpose of the activator, or give you the opportunity itself-choose - getting all the necessary information.
In conjunction with the original decisions of the author is allowed to expand the applicability of the activator on the whole line editions of Windows 7. However, as a rule, there are two alternative ways of activation, which dramatically increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.


Run w7lxe.exe and smoke bamboo 30 seconds.
Reboot (automatic)
Windows 7 is activated
Activates all versions of Windows 7

Windows 7 Loader Version 1.5.8


Input any Ultimate or Professional key (comes with 4 preset keys, I will add more for other versions when they are released)
Automatically finds an available drive letter (if required)
Installer and uninstaller built in as standard
Checks your Windows 7 version and build before install
Automatically finds your active boot partition (May work on Dell PC\'s)
Should work on all languages (Tested on simplified Chinese)
Should work with hidden partitions
Works on Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional editions
Support for bios modded users
Can activate Windows Vista SP2
Improves Windows 7 boot time on a Mac (Compared to other loaders)

Version 1.5.8 Changes :

* Keys and certificates now use internals when external files cannot be found (this means you can run just the executable as a standalone application)
* Added future OS key support (via Keys.ini)
* Changed how an unsupported OS is displayed
* Added new GRLDR beta 8c from zsmin
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